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You cannot stop the narcissists from gaslighting.

But by being aware of the gaslighting, it can help us to better protect our energy from its effects.

Try not to take the narc’s actions personally,

they gaslight mostly to protect their vulnerabilities by controlling their environment and everybody in it.

Accept the narcissist for the person they really are and not who they portray themselves to be.

Or who you may want them to be.

Image by Polina Zimmerman

By seeing them in their true and present light, it can help you to emotionally detach,

and give you the strength to set boundaries or to walk away from the relationship.

And take a step towards getting back control of your emotions and independent thinking.  

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One shared bit of knowledge could save another person’s life.

May God bless and protect you on your journey of self-discovery. 🙏🏼

Please, also do your own research on this topic.

Anything I share with you on this site is purely my opinions, not instructions, based from my own observations and experiences.

Also having relating it to my own research done on the topics.

There are many great certified psychologists, qualified teachers and even non qualified individuals with life experience to learn from.

Whom they share their experiences and knowledge through written articles, books or YouTube channels.

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Awareness is power.