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Mental health

Stress and anxiety can cause ‘brain fog’.

This can decrease our memory which can negatively impact all parts of our everyday life.

Brain fog also creates self-doubt and confusion in our minds.

The narcissist’s constant psychological abuse diminishes our confidence,

which leaves us in a state of self doubt and low self-worth.

This can break down our mental strength to stand in our own truth.

Studies have proven that constant gaslighting creates mental illnesses within the victims.

Although gaslighting is subtle and comes in small increments, it greatly impacts to your self-doubt long term.

Narcissists purposely do this so you no longer trust your own thoughts or feelings,

thus making it easier for them to manipulate you.

Everything is a mind game when you are dealing with a narcissist.

And they’re agenda is to control your thoughts and leave you in a state of self-doubt.

They are mentally programming us to ‘lose ourselves’.

If the narcissist cannot control you, they will try and control other people’s perception of how they see you.

This creates negative interactions with others who choose to believe the narcissists lies.

And especially when the narcissist now plays the victim after they have abused you.

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The hurt and confusion can significantly cause extra stresses on your mental and emotional state.

The constant uncertainty and feeling unsafe around the narcissist can lead us to carry fear and social anxiety into the world around us.

It can affect your relationships with friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, strangers,

and even your own loving and supportive relatives.  

All the stress, fatigue and everything related can cause our minds to obsessively worry uncontrollably;

damaging all parts of our emotional health and well-being.

It will rid us of all our drive and ambition, and move us further away from being our true self.

Emotional Health

Being in a relationship with a narcissist damages our mental and physical health so much,

that it can also diminish our positive contribution to society as an individual.

It affects our relationships with everyone in our lives and in our community.

There are case studies that prove having healthy relationships with others positively contributes to our emotional health and well-being.

To be in a positive state of emotional health can appear impossible,

because the narcissist will purposely seek out to destroy your relationships with others.

And this often puts more stress into our lives.

The overall affects from stress significantly impacts negatively on our emotional health.

Because the narc turns our confidence into self-doubt, and our optimism for life into fear;

we struggle to grow spiritually and emotionally which can cause us to stay in a depressive state.

Depression can lead to drug or alcohol addiction, risky behaviors, PTSD and even thoughts of suicide.

Please seek professional help if you are experiencing any of these self destructive side effects of depression.

The lack of sleep, the constant put downs by the narcissist, gaslighting, the depression, anxiety, physical and psychological damage;

all plays a part in diminishing our happiness which is vital for our emotional health.

And the trauma bond that is seated deep within is like a drug addiction;

is left for us to emotionally deal with on a daily basis.

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We may also nervously fear the unpredictable actions and negative effects from the narcissist’s punishments.

Narcissists also gaslight us so that we do not trust our own feelings and emotions.

We unknowingly allow them to take control of our emotions when they manipulate us through our emotions that they trigger us to feel.

Remaining in narcissistic relationships will only allow us to continuously struggle with our feelings of fear,

shame, guilt, trust, anger, confusion and low self-esteem.

We must remove ourselves from the toxic relationship just to get back control of our own emotions and feelings.

And find a place of peace, instead of mental and emotional turmoil.

Learning how to validate and respect your own feelings,

will help you to detach from the emotional co-dependency with the narcissist.

When you are ready to detach emotionally and physically from your narc, begin using the grey rock method.

Then choose to get back full control of your life by going no contact if possible.

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