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Spiritual wellbeing

Narcissists get an ego boost and inner satisfaction from raising us up only to then intentionally tear us down.

They secretly love watching someone who was once whole and confident, eventually break down and become nothing.

Your brokenness and suffering are the narcissist’s ultimate rewards.

Image by Brett Sayles  

The narc hates seeing other people happy and successful as that causes an injury to their deep insecurities.

Being with a narcissist or having been with a narcissist can lead you to a spiritual awakening.

When we are in these types of relationships, we actually move further away from our true self.

The healthy part of our ego is repeatedly challenged and triggered by the narcissistic abuse.

The narcissist’s ego constantly violates our boundaries and are antagonizing to our emotions thus taking away our internal peace.

Sitting in our inner spiritual peace is ultimately where we want to be.

But being around a narcissist only allows us to experience chaos within ourselves,

and the chaos they create in their own world and in the world around us.  

The narcissist can see our ego as being in the way of their agenda.

That is why they want to break our confidence with self-doubt, hence persistently attempting to remove our ego.

And this is also why it can feel like we are giving up ourselves just to fulfil a narcissistic relationship.

We are ultimately giving up our ego or identity and independent thinking,

just so the narcissistic can feel happy and in control.

When we are being constantly gaslighted, it can take a lot of inner strength to see that we are actually being abused.

And it takes even more strength to get ourselves out of the situation.

And the opinions of the outside world that the narcissist has coerced,

can negatively impact your inner strength to escape the relationship and toxic environment.

It can feel like a spiritual warfare is happening within us.

With our heart and our mind constantly trying to reason logic, against our emotions, gut instincts and the narc’s perpetual gaslighting.

I pray for all the people that are still trapped in an abusive narcissistic relationship,

to get back their inner strength, to wake up and finally break free.

Image by Obie Fernandez

The realization that you are in an abusive relationship that you no longer want to be in,

can bring you back to yourself and help you rediscover that lost ‘self-love’.

Just remember, that cruel and heartless people do exist in this world,

and they like to hide their true intentions through psychological abuse.

Please have a plan and consider your safety when leaving a narcissistic relationship.

Thousands of people have escaped their toxic relationships, and you can too.


Narcissists are like vampires who suck the life force out of your soul.

They drain you of all your energy and resources and that includes all areas of your health and wellbeing.

It is obvious that we can be psychologically damaged from narcissistic abuse,

but remember that your physical health is also being drained from your life.  

To be able to truly heal our damaged health created by the narcissist, we must remove ourselves from the relationship.

There is a saying that goes something like this- ‘we cannot heal in the same space where we got hurt’.

You may experience PTSD from the physical, emotional or psychological abuse from the narcissist.

Reach out for help, consider talking to a therapist or counsellor and speak up about your experiences.

Real love heals and uplifts us to grow into our confidence, it does not drain us of everything we have and who we are.

Staying in narcissistic relationships, will rob you of the opportunity to be in positive and healthy relationships with others.

Image by Hassan OUAJBIR

And that includes being in a healthy and loving relationship with yourself,

which I believe is the most important part of existing in this world.

Please read the other posts on this website to help shine a light on the truth of these toxic relationships.

The truth may give you great inner strength, insight,

and the confidence to cut the narcissists out of your life for your greater health and well-being.

And share this post if you believe this content can benefit others.

One shared bit of knowledge could save another person’s life.

May God bless and protect you on your journey of self-discovery. 🙏🏼

Please, also do your own research on this topic.

Anything I share with you on this site is purely my opinions, not instructions, based from my own observations and experiences.

Also having relating it to my own research done on the topics.

There are many great certified psychologists, qualified teachers and even non qualified individuals with life experience to learn from.

Whom they share their experiences and knowledge through written articles, books or YouTube channels.

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