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The guilt trips

Narcissists will usually try and guilt trip you into staying in the relationship.

They might bring up all the things they’ve done for you, implying that you’re being ungrateful and unreasonable.

But just remember, all the nice things were done to be used against you, and these moments are just proof.

It’s amazing how you can do a hundred things for them and never bring it up,

because you did them because you genuinely cared, and didn’t keep tabs.

Image by Alex Green

And yet, they do a couple of things for you and somehow,

it’s you that is made to feel the shame and not them. 

Sometimes being an empath can feel like a curse.

But always remember, it is a blessing around the right people that deserve to be in your energy.

And narcissists do not deserve to be in your energy.

My family’s hoover

I disconnected from some of my narcissistic family members years ago,

yet they recently resorted to using my baby nephew as a way to hoover.

Calling me disgusting that I didn’t want to be apart of his life.

It was them I didn’t want in my life and they couldn’t even take accountability for it,

even when I had already told them why many times before.

I pray that my nephew will be protected from their mind games as he grows up.

The good times

Narcissists may also send you photos of the two of you together,

wanting you to believe they still think about you because they care.

Image by Vera Arsic

Trying to make you remember ‘the good times’ and feel guilty for letting it go.

I’ve experienced this tactic from some exes, it never actually worked on me though.

I guess I never saw them as meaningful memories,

it only reminded me of how difficult it was to escape and leave the relationship.

And I felt repulsed looking at them once I had figured out who they really were.

It blows my mind and makes me laugh that most of them play this same card.

If you have children with them, they may try and incite guilt in you for ‘breaking the family apart’,

or ‘ruining the children’s lives’.

Anything they can think of will be used against you,

to try and make you look and feel selfish for leaving,

just so you feel guilty and ashamed in hopes that this will make you stay with them.

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Awareness is power.