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Narcissistic projection is one of the most common characteristics known connected to narcissism.

What is narcissistic projection?

Narcissistic projection is the automatic defense mechanism that the narcissist uses to protect their fragile ego.

Although it can feel like a weapon and a personal attack by the narcissist,

it is often done in their defense to avoid accountability.

Narcissists will project any thoughts, experiences, feelings and behaviors that make them feel uncomfortable onto those around them.

It is also the way they shift the blame onto others so that someone else will take the consequences for the narcissist.

They fear accountability because it brings on feelings of shame and guilt,

the very emotions they try so desperately hard to avoid their whole entire existence.

And the narcissist would rather project these feelings onto others,

just so they can continue to feel powerful, perfect and in control within themselves.

So, when the narcissist is accusing or attacking you or someone else with something you know is not true,

this is likely the narcissist projecting onto you or others.

Projection is a form of gaslighting.

Therefore, it is psychological and emotional abuse.

And it can bring unfair consequences for the targeted victims when other third parties believe the narcissist’s lies.

Avoiding unwanted feelings

Narcissists will also project good feelings onto others.

If others are treating the narcissist in the way that they want, they feel good.

They will then project this happiness onto others.

But this happiness usually only comes about when their lies are believed,

when they are getting constant supply,

when they see others suffering,

and when they are treated and seen as the superior being that they believe they are.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio

Whatever they are feeling, they will project.

The most obvious projection we see is the negative and accusing projection.

Narcissists feel more negative feelings within, than they do positive.

Passive aggression often lies beneath the surface of their smiling vizard.

And they will accuse others of everything they are actually guilty of.

Projection is the action of outwardly rejecting anything that will cause them to feel shame or guilt within.

And it can force others to take the blame and consequences for the narcissist’s behaviors.

They do not want to deal with, or have to feel or own these feelings.

By projecting and accusing others, it takes the responsibility away the narcissist,

so that they don’t have to feel any feelings that make them feel uncomfortable.

Narcissists do not like to feel shame or guilt because it means that they are not perfect or powerful.

The thought of imperfection offends their extremely sensitive egos.

They want to believe they are perfect and superior to all others, because this makes them feel powerful.

Feeling powerful makes the narcissists feel in control.

To feel superior, perfect, in control and powerful all the time means to disown any other feelings that contradict.

And the only way to reject it, is to project the unwanted feelings onto someone else.

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