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Narcissistic rage is often the result of when the narcissist gets an injury to their fragile ego.

The amount of anger the narcissist demonstrates is over the top, and can appear as a huge overreacting adult tantrum.

It is a major sign and a red flag of the emotional dysregulation that we know as a common trait in narcissists.

Narcissists can be unpredictable during a rage, keep your distance if possible and always consider your safety.

Why the narcissist gets into a rage…

Narcissistic injury

A narcissistic injury is caused when the narcissist’s fragile ego gets wounded.

But it may seem that it does not take much to hurt their extremely sensitive feelings.

It can occur when a narcissist feels that their self-esteem or self-worth is attacked, through what they perceive as a criticism.

Or that their false self is threatened to be exposed, causing anguish that leads to narcissistic rage.

Their false self is created to protect their fragile and insecure real self.


And they feel the need to do what ever it takes to protect this false self and maintain their own false deception.

When the narcissist feels wounded from criticism or rejection, they will take it extremely personal.

A criticism can be anything that makes the narcissist feel emotions such us fear, inferiority, shame, guilt and self-doubt.

They feel that the person who has made them feel these painful emotions are doing it to them intentionally.

And can often hold grudges for years whilst seeking out revenge for their injured ego.

In most instances, leaving the relationship with a narcissist can also cause a great narcissistic injury.

Discarding the narcissist easily triggers their extreme fear of abandonment.

Always have a plan, get support and consider your safety when withdrawing from the relationship with a narcissist.

When things don’t go their way

Narcissists can also get offended by the smallest things that result in a rage.

It can be simply because, you are feeling happy while they are not.

And therefore, they get jealous, insecure and spiteful over the fact.

Because they feel you are not entitled to be happy when they are feeling so miserable.

The narcissist believes that you cannot be happy unless that happiness has come from them and them only.

Not friends, nor family, hobbies or even a job.

They will often try and take away everything that gives you joy through manipulation and guilt trips.

Narcissists can also get into a rage when they are not getting the attention, they feel that they deserve.

Image by Viktoria Slowikowska 

Their self-entitled attitude constantly demands excessive and unrealistic amounts of attention and admiration.

And most will seek to create drama in other people’s celebrations just because the attention is not on them.

Narcissists simply get into a rage when things don’t go their way,

no matter how big or small the issue may seem to everyone else in the outside world.

Anything or anyone that offends their ego can send them off into an unpredictable rage.

Narcissists are immensely sensitive to the thought of anyone insulting or criticizing them;

even if it wasn’t intentional, just the mere thought of people going against the narcissist’s narrative will set off their anger.

When things don’t go their way, it can trigger their fear of losing control.

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