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Triangulation is gaslighting

Triangulation is simply another form of gaslighting that drives you crazy.

The narcissists want you to think that you are crazy, that you are over thinking and that you are being too sensitive or insecure.

And at the same time, they want you to feel worthless, unwanted, and alone.

Narcissists are bullies, and they are simply projecting all these emotions they feel about themselves onto you.

Image by Liza Summer

They want you to doubt yourself into losing your confidence and self-worth just so they can have power over you.

And if they can turn everyone against you also, it makes this task much easier for them.

Do not allow the narcissists and all those that believe their lies into making you gaslight yourself into believing that you are not enough.

Choose to step out of the triangulation games, stand alone with your independent thinking,

and don’t be afraid to find other people that do not involve themselves in gossip and mind games.

A painful experience

If you have experienced narcissistic triangulation,

it can be an extremely painful experience that can affect your confidence and self-worth for many years.

I know in my life time so far; I have lost jobs because of triangulation in the work place.

I have lost friends and I have lost trust and respect from loved ones and even strangers.

Narcissistic triangulation has caused me to have enemies I didn’t even know existed until years later.

And the whole time, I had nothing but been my kind and honest self.

Image by Keira Burton

If your own family members, friends, work colleagues, and partners can lie about you and turn everyone against you for no reason,

then what hope is there for others in the world to not treat you the same way?

This was my belief back then. It took me many years to learn to really trust others.

And it all started with trusting myself and not caring about the lies that were going on around me.

Triangulation also caused me to lose my self-esteem, my joy, my self-worth, my peace, and my faith in life.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio

It took me years of healing and meeting the right people through out my life to teach me what trust really was.

And that there were good people out there for me to choose to have in my life, people I could actually trust.

I am forever grateful for all those friends and acquaintances that I consider more as my family.

The ones that treated me better than most of family members ever did.

These genuine and beautiful souls helped me to rid of the pain caused by triangulation,

until I was able to understand and create boundaries to heal myself completely and turn my experiences into strength.

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Awareness is power.