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Private information

Always be careful what information you share with whom.

The most nicest of faces, and caring gestures can come from the most deceiving individuals.

Narcissists thrive on collecting any information about other people to use against them.

And they especially love private information.

This is why they love gossip and drama; they want to know all about your life,

and they want you to tell them all you know about other people’s lives.

The narcissist may use pity, caring words and pretending to have so much in common with you simply to extract information from you.

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Then the information may be used to shame you in front of other people to make you feel embarrassed.

Anything that attacks your character, vulnerabilities or insecurities, simply to bring you down every chance they get.

Your information can also be used to manipulate, threaten or black mail you.

Or to turn other people against you, or used to take your opportunities for themselves.

But truthfully, even when the narcissist has no information on you,

they will often make up lies and rumors to try and destroy your reputation, your opportunities, and your happiness.

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And most of it, will all happen behind your back, without you even knowing until the damaged has already been done.

This is why discernment and boundaries are very important, do not be quick to trust others with information about your life.

Because even if the narcissist has no information to use against you, they can use your emotions against you.

Letting them know what and who you like, will only make them want to take these things from you.

Narcissists will also try and manipulate you into giving them information about other people too,

so, they can attempt to bring others down as they have done to you.

Destroying other people’s happiness and opportunities is what they love to do, it feeds them supply.

Speaking to the third party

If you are aware that the narcissist in your life is triangulating you with others,

it may be wise to speak your truth to the third parties involved about your situation with the narcissist.

This can only be possible if you know who these third parties are.

Narcissists can be so cunning and manipulative that you may not be aware of who is involved because everything is done behind your back.

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But speaking your truth can shine a light on the mind games that the narcissist is playing,

and the third parties will likely not want to be involved any longer once they are aware.

This can stop them from becoming an unknown flying monkey, or another victim to manipulation.

It can also clear up any misunderstandings between you and them.

And if the third party is not willing to accept your truth, then you will also learn who is trustworthy and who is not.

The truth of the situation will often come to light in the end.

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Awareness is power.