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Measuring their self-worth

Narcissists measure their self-worth by comparing themselves to other people.

Their insecurities lie deep and their thoughts are so warped that they can even compare themselves to fictional fantasy characters.

They hate feeling inferior and will often say and do whatever it takes to make others appear inferior to them.

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Sadly, this includes bullying, cheating, projecting, lying and the use of other unfair, abusive and manipulative tactics,

just so they can feel a sense of self worth by appearing superior to others.

They cannot regulate their own emotions or self-esteem,

and so, they use other people as a prop to validate their sense of happiness and self-worth.

Sadly, the narcissist only feels good about who they are when others feel bad about themselves.

They feel right when others are wrong and they feel powerful when others are vulnerable.

Narcissists live in a very black and white world.

In their crazy mind, it is all or nothing.

They simply have to win and that means everyone else has to lose, no matter the costs.

The narcissist cannot be happy when others are acknowledged for their strengths or successes.

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Instead of being inspired or thinking that others will pull them up and share their success with them for being supportive,

the narcissist instantly feels like a failure for not having that success.

Consequently, and sadly, they feel the need to take that success from others and destroy it,

just to avoid feeling or being seen as less than the other person.

When they feel like a failure

Narcissists will sometimes admit their insecurities and failures to others.

But they will nearly always blame their faults and flaws on other people.

Their failures will always be perceived as the result of other people in life being unfair to them.

They will twist the truth or blatantly lie to create this narrative.

This fabricated storyline also allows them to gain sympathy as supply because they feel they are the victim in their delusional minds,

whilst not having to accept their part of the responsibility for their own short comings.

Underneath their often vulnerable and passive demeanor,

their extreme jealousy can cause them to act in cruel and heartless ways.

Narcissists cannot stand the attention being focused on someone else,

it can make them feel worthless and insecure within themselves when they don’t have that same success or attention.

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And you may see them downplay other people’s successes, give backhanded compliments,

lie about their own achievements, create rumors about other’s success stories,

twist the truth to make others feel or look bad in their success,

and even take credit for the success of other people’s efforts.

They can never be genuinely happy for other people,

and will often seek to destroy the glory of other people’s blessings.

Narcissists feel the need to step on other people to have a sense of their own self-worth.

They want others to fail and to feel that same sense of fear and failure that the narcissist feels deep within themselves.

The narcissist desperately want to feel successful, and will also happily claim someone else’s success as their own.

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