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Threatened over minor stuff

Narcissists can get threatened and jealous over minor and trivial things.

And so, it appears that literally everything can become a competition.

If you win the prize in a raffle draw, if you get the closest carpark than them to a destination,

when your partner possesses qualities that theirs does not, if a friend gave you free stuff and not them,

if you share a funnier joke, if your watch is more expensive and the list is endless.

They want to take away any possible attention in your life.

Sadly, narcissists will also want to punish you for having good things in your life just because it makes them feel unhappy.

They are unhappy that they don’t have what you have,

even the fact that you feel real happiness and they do not.

Image by Les Anderson

This fact can cause them intense feelings of envy and rage.

Yes, they are especially jealous of your happiness.

The narcissist is so insecure, they are constantly comparing themselves to everyone and everything around them.

They want to feel like they are winning in life, and the only way they can feel that, is when others feel like the failure.

If they cannot make others feel like a failure, they will try and make them appear as one to others by spreading lies and rumors.

Other times they may speak positively of someone else’s success but only when it makes them look good.

Such as a parent appearing proud and supportive of their child’s success because they want the credit and they want to be seen as a good parent.

But underneath the façade, they are jealous and had made no efforts towards the success of the child’s efforts.

Narcissists are not able to comprehend the hard work people put into attaining their achievements.

They want the same glory and success that others get from all their experiences, their positivity and ongoing hard work.

But they are not willing to put in the same efforts.

And so, they will steal the credit and often expect acknowledgment for other people’s efforts,

while they put in minimal effort only for the purpose of manipulation just so they can experience their version of success.

Exhausting relationships

A relationship with a narcissist is extremely exhausting.

Image by SHVETS production

They will drain you of your positive emotions and your resources,

because of the competition they bring into the relationship.

Whether it is with a friend, partner, family member, co-worker or an acquaintance.

Although they want to believe everyone is jealous of them,

it is the narcissist who is envious of everyone else.

Jealousy consumes their entire existence.

Your achievements will never be praised or acknowledged.

You will always be wrong, just so they can feel right.

You will punished psychologically, emotionally and sometimes physically just for being happy or successful.

Simply by being happy with yourself and your achievements,

the narcissist may accuse you of thinking that you are better than them.

You may even get accused of sabotaging their life, simply because you are not being how they want you to be.

Image by Liza Summer

Or you may get accused of being the reason for the narcissist’s shortcomings. 

Failures are always someone else’s fault in the narcissist’s crazy mind.

And if you don’t have any achievements or happiness,

the narcissist will arrogantly point out your weaknesses to you and everyone else and act smugly as if they are extremely proud to be better than you.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

Choosing to love yourself, follow your dreams and going no contact with the narcissist is the only way you can truly live a happy and peaceful life.

Any form of relationship with a narcissist will only drain your energy and break down your confidence.

We are all here on earth to love each other and help each other grow.

But the narcissist will never want you to grow into your full potential, they will always take without ever truly giving.

Their giving comes with expectations. It is often a contract of compliance.

Please choose to walk away from these one-sided exhausting relationships.

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