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They will exhaust you

An empath, when they’re on their own, will have so much more love to give.

It’s abundant, endless and never exhausts.

But if you are an empath in a relationship with a narcissist,

you will notice that you will feel exhausted energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially.

You will feel like you can no longer give energy to others because the narcissist will stop you doing so through guilt or coercion,

and they will likely attempt to exhaust you of all the love you hold within,

especially the love you hold for yourself.

This is why many empaths question themselves if they are actually the narcissist when they are in these relationships.


Because we often pick up narcissistic traits simply for defending ourselves,

and projecting back to them what they are giving us, after being traumatized and exhausted by the narcissists.

Don’t feel guilty for detaching yourself

Staying in a relationship with someone who will never see you as a person is a road to hell.

We must stop trying to please people who only use us as if we are just an object for their need of endless supply.

Easier said than done, I know.

But for me, once I started heavily researching covert narcissist behaviors,

it became easy to walk away for good with the many narcissistic individuals I held onto in my life.

I could relate to everything that I was reading or listening to,

and realized I was not wrong or selfish for having my own views and needs like the narcissists in my life had wanted me to believe.

I no longer could give them the benefit of the doubt, my rose colored glasses had finally fallen off.

Never again could I trust anything they said or the very little they did for me,

I stopped feeling obligated to do things for them, and I no longer wanted them in my life.

Image by Keira Burton

I had finally accepted that I felt so much more peace without them.

I could achieve so much more in life without their input.

And I no longer felt shame and guilt for avoiding family Christmas’s and gatherings for the previous decade.

Even the exhaustion of anxiety, mental guilt and confusion had finally disappeared once I accepted them for who they really were.

Learn to trust and believe your intuition

As I mentioned before, empaths are highly sensitive and can feel other people’s energies.

I believe many also have psychic abilities and can sense when someone is not being genuine.

But we must learn to stop ignoring our gut feelings when someone or something doesn’t feel right.

When we are not in control of our thoughts and feelings, it makes it easy for the narcissists to manipulate them.

Image by Liza Summer

And they love making empaths feel sorry for them through their victimhood stories,

or guilt tripping them to make the empath feel obligated to give the narcissist what they want.

There is difference between someone who is actually in need,

and someone who is being manipulative just to feed their greed.

Trust your gut instinct, trust what you see in others and not the words they tell you.

Don’t question yourself just because it appears that what the narcissist is saying appears rational.

Narcissists are great with their words, but they will act as if they are not.

And their words will most often never match their actions.

I reminisce on many past experiences with people in my life,

and now, I see of all the times I have been deceived and betrayed,

simply because I doubted my intuition and gave others the benefit of the doubt.

I feel like such a fool!

And I don’t ever want to put myself in situations to be deceived like that again.

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