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Give the best of yourself not to the narcissist

Empaths have the most beautiful qualities that narcissists deem as weak.

It is these qualities that consists of kindness, loyalty, honesty, caring and naivety that often makes us successful to live an authentic and peaceful life,

and in having genuine, meaningful and long-lasting relationships with others.

But to experience real success, peace and genuine relationships,

we must not give the best of ourselves to narcissistic relationships.

Only give to those that reciprocate these qualities back into your life.

Image by George Milton

Narcissists will only seek to exploit and destroy these qualities in us.

They will never experience any genuine love, peace or relationships in their lives,

because they will never want to possess these qualities for themselves.

Why would they want to possess such qualities that they believe is dumb and weak?

Narcissists do not deserve your loyalty, your trust, your love or any of your efforts.

Only give the best of yourself to people that are genuinely deserving, and that includes yourself also.

Give yourself the type of love you gave to the narcissist that you never received back.

All the respect, the trust, the kindness you gave away as supply to someone who only abused it,

be sure to take it back and only give it to those that reciprocate your energy and appreciate you.

We deserve to be treated better

It’s amazing how being in a narcissistic relationship can make you feel like you are not deserving of much more than that,

when the truth is, these harmful relationships were never destined for anyone.

Image by August de Richelieu

We all deserve so much more than to have fake people in our lives who only take from us.

It was only the narcissist who had manipulated you into the toxic relationship in the first place,

with the intention of exploiting you.

When we stop believing the narcissist’s lies and start to believe we deserve better,

it is only then that we can begin to see better and have better in our lives.

If we hold onto relationships that aren’t working just because it feels familiar or we feel guilty for leaving,

then we can never heal, we will never grow,

and we will never experience the best relationships and real love that life has to offer.


If we really want to help the narcissist change,

then I believe it is best to leave them on their own to contemplate their actions and receive their karma.

Giving them the attention, sympathy and your efforts that they are seeking will only validate their false ego and enable them.

All things built on lies, will eventually crumble.

Even it takes decades for others to see through the façade.

In the end, narcissists will end up lonely, old and miserable.

And they will still have too much pride to ever take accountability and realize that they brought it on themselves.

Narcissists are the real fools in life.

Don’t let them take you down with them.

Image by Pixabay

Authentic people who live in light, do not belong living in the narcissist’s dark and self absorbed world.

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Please, also do your own research on this topic.

Anything I share with you on this site is purely my opinions, not instructions, based from my own observations and experiences.

Also having relating it to my own research done on the topics.

There are many great certified psychologists, qualified teachers and even non qualified individuals with life experience to learn from.

Whom they share their experiences and knowledge through written articles, books or YouTube channels.

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