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Kindness is not weakness

Narcissists will try and dominate anyone that is kind, those who will go above and beyond to help others.

They see kindness in other people as a weakness.

Empaths are seen as weak to the narcissist, and this is why we can often become targets.

But what the narcissist doesn’t realize, is that they can underestimate their empathic target.

Bullying the wrong empath can turn around the narcissist’s intended narrative and cause them a great narcissistic injury.

Image by Yan Krukov

Especially if it plays out in front of other people.

Narcissists really are the true cowards picking on kind and caring people just because they deem them as easy targets.

When they cannot tear down their target with their bullying tactics, observe as the narcissist becomes ‘nice’ towards their victim.

Never trust a narcissist’s kindness. They have not learnt their lesson.

There is always an agenda, and they surely will be smearing your name behind your back in an attempt to ruin your reputation.

Their fake niceness is a mask to hide their rage and envy to the narcissistic injury you caused them by defending yourself,

or simply because you have something that they want.

Trust your gut instinct.

Image by Moose Photos

If someone doesn’t feel like they are being genuine, it’s probably because there is deceit and hidden motives in their actions.

The narcissist is the true weak one because they have no strength from truth or individuality,

that they have to destroy you behind your back getting whoever they can to believe their lies,

because their only strength is in numbers with the amount of flying monkeys they can gather.  

And they do it so passively that it is easy for them to deny or twist the truth if they are confronted by others about their intentions.

The bully is the real coward

Narcissists are the actual bullies that just love to play the victim whilst they tell everyone else that the victim is bullying them.  

They tend to place the blame on the reactions of the victim, this is reactive abuse.

See them for who they really are.

Someone who feels they need to act big as a way to over compensate for the lack and insecurities they feel within themselves.

Image by RODNAE Productions

Deep down they feel small, insignificant, weak with a lack of control.

Although they have the emotional maturity of a toddler, don’t underestimate how far they may take things just to maintain their image and control.

They may act out of fear and insecurities, but it does not mean they cannot cause major damage to your life or someone else’s life.

Walking away from the bully is not being a coward.

Narcissists love a fight, and if we intentionally involve ourselves in the fights,

then we are only giving them what they want.

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Awareness is power.