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Devaluing others

Narcissists just love to devalue others.

They will feel at their most powerful when they can break other people down.

The overt narcissist may do this loudly and proudly to your face towards those of us they deem as weak.

But the covert narcissist’s bullying will appear quite subtle and is not easily seen by others.

Because they will either bully their victim overtly when no one is watching,

or do it passively through backhanded compliments, lying behind the victim’s back or as hurtful comments disguised as jokes.

These tactics are used to help maintain an innocent vizard to the public.

Image by Christina Morillo

It’s extremely callous and sly how they attempt to destroy you with a smile on their face.

No matter if the bullying is done to your face or behind your back, ultimately it has the same negative effects on the victim.

It is done deliberately to erode your confidence and self-esteem.

Sadly, devaluing another being somehow gives the narcissist a feeling of their own self-worth.

When others are not like them

Narcissists appear to have no tolerance for differences in people,

whether it is an opinion, a character trait or what others do or do not have.

Because they do not have their own sense of individuality, and differences in others can make them feel insecure.

Especially if it’s a trait the narcissist strongly desires but does not possess themselves.

And so, devaluing confident people with the intent to destroy their self-worth and reputation,

can be seen as a challenge to the narcissist.  

Image by Yan Krukov

They want everyone to be inferior to them and they want everyone to be just as miserable as them.

Because this allows the narcissist to feel secure and in control within themselves.

Other traits they see as weaknesses

Most often, the narcissist will usually pick on victims that they see as emotionally vulnerable, sensitive, submissive, empathic, kind and naïve.

People that possess qualities that the narcissist greatly opposes to having in their own life.

But just because you may see yourself as having these traits, it does not in any way mean that you are weak.

It is only the narcissist who deems these traits as shortcomings,

and we all know how delusional their way of thinking is.

These are all wonderful and beautiful traits to have.

Image by Helena Lopes

These traits can grow and strengthen our character, our circle of meaningful relationships with others,

and encourages love and curiosity needed to succeed in all aspects of our lives.

And this is why the narcissist will never truly gain these things in their own life,

because they do not genuinely possess these positive traits, nor do they want it.

Without these traits, we will never become the version of our true authentic self.

Becoming our true self, brings real peace and happiness and the narcissist will never know what it’s like to experience that.

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