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Don’t bother trying to fix their ways

Our experiences we encounter with the narcissist is a learning lesson, to realize that it is them who is actually weak.

And them choosing to bully and devalue others makes them feel not so vulnerable about the fact.

Wear your empathic robe proudly, but know that the narcissist does not deserve any part of it.

Anything that the narcissist has gained in their life through false emotions and kindness will surely crumble in the long run.

Image by Ba Tik

It is not our job to feel sorry for them or take responsibility for them,

leave the narcissist to their own karma and consequences when the time comes.

Sometimes when we see their insecurities and vulnerabilities,

we can tend to feel sorry for them and want to help them or fix their brokenness.

This fact is mostly true when we love the narcissist because they are a family member, a partner or a close friend.

Always remember, it doesn’t matter who they are and how much love we have for them,

we are all just supply to the narcissist; they will always want to be superior to us and will deliberately hurt us for it.

They enjoy hurting others and they do not believe they need to change their ways.

We will only be allowing them to destroy us simply for trying to help them.

Image by Kampus Production

When we give them the benefit of the doubt, when we forgive their cruel behaviors, they only see it as permission to continue their abusive ways.

Please, do not feel that it is your job to fix them.

I spent most of my life believing I could help them only to realize I was completely wrong!

And I was only killing who I was on the inside for the sake of putting up with their abuse,

because I was forever giving them the benefit of the doubt and ignoring my own needs.

Hiding their abuse

The covert narcissists will never want to display their bullying in public.

Devastatingly, only the victims will experience it and see it for what it really is.

It can be extremely traumatic to be a target of the narcissist’s bullying,

and even more traumatic when nobody believes you because nobody else sees it.

Maintaining their image is super important for their narcissist’s ego.

Image by fauxels

They want everyone to see them as a victim or the hero, or whatever character they are playing at the time.

They always want to be admired and looked up to by others.

And they know that bullying is seen as wrong by society, that is why they also know they must hide it from the public.

But because they have no empathy and feel the need to behave this way for constant supply,  

they will never change their ways.  

Most often, they only learn to hide their abuse better.

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Awareness is power.