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A sense of entitlement

The narcissist will also bully others simply to get their own way.

They will use aggression, intimidation, guilt trips, lies, threats or any other abusive tactics to get what they want,

because they feel they are entitled and do not like to hear the word ‘no’.

Sadistically, narcissists will deliberately want to emotionally terrorize you to get their way.

Disrespect and stepping over personal boundaries from the narcissist are also a part of the bullying.

Image by Liza Summer

They know that you don’t like it, they know it hurts you, but they don’t care.

They feel powerful when they see that your emotions are affected,

and even more powerful when they get what they want by disrespecting your boundaries.

The narcissist acts like a spoilt toddler, they are extremely immature emotionally,

and cannot handle the feelings of anger and disappointment when things don’t go their way.

Bullying can also be seen as an irrational way in which they express and relieve their intense feelings of frustration.

It also the way the narcissist punishes those that don’t give them what they want when they want it.

Narcissistic supply

Narcissists need supply to survive just as humans need air to breathe to survive.

They have a warped belief that in order for them to survive, that means other people cannot.

And so, they will happily and proudly step on other people just to get the attention and adulation they are seeking.

We all feel good when we are praised or complimented, it can feel like our efforts are seen, appreciated and validated.

But we don’t need other people’s praise and adulation to survive, whereas the narcissist does.

Watching other people suffer and squirm also gives the narcissist supply.

Image by RODNAE Productions

It makes them feel secure in their power of control,

and so, they will intentionally bully others and create drama just to get this dark form of supply.

Sadistically, some narcissists also enjoy being the abuser,

just to then turn around and comfort their victims from the abuse they put onto the victims themselves.

This allows the narcissist to get supply by playing both the victim and the hero roles.

They blame the victim in situations and so they feel justified by abusing the victim.

Only to then comfort the victim after, and playing the reverse role of the savior.

It truly sounds sickening, but some narcissists secretly enjoy bullying their victims just to get that victim to need them as their savior.

Like a drug, the victim can get hooked on desperately wanting the good feelings from the narcissist’s fake kindness.

And those who have not experienced true kindness in their childhood,

can easily fall prey to this type of abuse and remain trapped in this sadistic cycle.

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