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Lying is bullying

It may not appear obvious when we first consider this, but lying from a narcissist is definitely bullying.

They will lie for the intention of manipulating people and situations to get what they want.

Empty promises, future faking, twisting the truth, withholding information, projecting and blame shifting are all various forms of lying.

The lies will only benefit the narcissist, and at the same time will often destroy someone else’s reputation and opportunities.

Narcissists will lie to your face not only to make themselves look good and for others to appear bad,

but they will lie for the intention of leading you astray just so they can tempt you to ruin your own opportunities for success in whatever you are pursuing.

The narcissist wants to believe that no one can be more successful than them,

no one is allowed to be a bigger victim or the biggest hero and know one is as smart as they are.

And they will twist the truth or straight out totally lie just so they feel in control of this narrative.

What is so delusional is that they will convince themselves to believe their own lies and expect everyone around them to believe them too.

Image by Christina Morillo

Gaslighting is also lying and bullying.

Narcissists do this to people for the purpose of manipulation for personal gain and to break someone’s confidence.

The victim can feel so confused that they begin to question themselves and their own perception of reality.

Which in turn, can make the victim feel devalued.

The narcissist knows that they are lying,

but they love watching you torment yourself by your own questioning and self-doubt.  

Healthy people do not get off on watching other people go through mental and emotional distress, but this is common supply to the narcissist.

Emotional bullying

Narcissists are emotional bullies and many will also act out physically.

If you are in danger from physical abuse, please seek professional help immediately and get the authorities involved.


The narcissist manipulates others through their emotions, and have no empathy about what pain they inflict on to their victims.

The hurt and pain they inflict are often done deliberately as a form of punishment and control.

Projecting their behaviors, blaming others for things they are guilty of,

devaluing, ghosting, giving the silent treatment and gaslighting to suit their own narrative are all bullying tactics.

These tactics may be seen as just survival tactics from the narcissist’s point of view, but they can have a great toll on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our feelings are hurt, our confidence is shattered, we may end up living in fear or anxiety,

and we can often feel invalidated and codependent with a diminished sense of self-worth.

All the insults and blame we have heard growing up, we often take them on personally as children,

which can affect the way we see ourselves or behave during adulthood.

And in turn, our desperate need for love and validation somehow invites us to attract more narcissistic individuals into our lives.

This is why understanding our traumas and focusing on personal healing is extremely important for strengthening boundaries and improving our lives.

Image by Karolina Grabowska

The narcissist will also bully us by attempting to control us through our own emotions of guilt and shame.

Being empathic, we can easily feel sorry for the narcissist when we take on these emotions they try and inflict on to us.

We can feel a sense of obligation and give into the manipulation and the narcissist often ends up getting what they want.

It is a double win for the narcissist.

They are happy that they got what they wanted.

And they are sadistically and secretly happy that we are emotionally suffering at the same time from their cruel and heartless ways.

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Awareness is power.