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The workplace bully

One of the most common places where most people will encounter a narcissist is in the workplace.

They could be your co-worker and you have them caught them out on their lies and have seen them ‘suck up the bosses ar#e’.

Or they can be your boss, always micro managing their staff

and complaining about everything because the work you do is never good enough.

Narcissists are often the typical workplace bullies, often involving themselves in malicious gossip.

They strive to get to the top so they can exert their power and control even more so.

And when they were children, they were likely the school yard bullies too.

Image by RODNAE Productions

Sadly, their behaviors rarely change from being a child to adulthood. They usually get worse.

Some of us may be afraid to stand up for the victim in the workplace especially when the bully is your boss,

because we might fear being the next target and the possible likeliness that we will lose our jobs.

In such situations whether we are the target of workplace bullying or a spectator,

we must decide for ourselves the best way to handle our own situation and what is best for us or our values.

Whatever you decide, just remember that the narcissist will never change.

They will always gossip about you in the workplace, give empty promises of a raise, benefit or bonus, will likely set you up to look like a failure,

Image by Yan Krukov

and they will always abuse their position and continue their abuse over and over from one workplace to the next.

Cut off the supply

As mentioned before, the narcissist is often seeking supply when they are bullying someone.

Whether it is to feel power and control in the situation, to get an emotional reaction,

or to simply gain something that they want.

If we can help it, it is best not to give them the reactions they are looking for.

It could mean saying no, setting boundaries, standing firm in your truth, ignoring their behaviors,

and not giving them the information or emotional reactions that they want.

Image by Keira Burton

We are all just supply to the narcissist.

And if they are not bullying us, they will likely be trying to bully someone else to make themselves feel worthwhile.

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