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The role of the scapegoat can change

Any children at anytime can switch into being in the scapegoat role.

Depending on who dares questions or challenge anything the narcissistic parent does.

Even the child who is treated as the golden child can be placed into the scapegoat role if the narcissistic parent somehow feels let down by them.

Especially if the child does or says something to threaten the false image or reputation that the parent is trying to portray.

Nobody believes the scapegoat

The scapegoat is often not believed because the dysfunctional family members has already fabricated the role for the scapegoat.

They do so by telling everyone their false narrative of how the scapegoat can never do anything right,

or that they are the real fakes and the liar.

Image by cottonbro studio

The scapegoat sometimes has no clue that this is even happening behind their backs,

so, when the scapegoat does finally speak their truth, everyone around them is already perceiving them as the liar.

It makes it harder for the scapegoat to learn to trust, they often begin to question if they are crazy, and can feel lonelier and more depressed.

Even though they experience all this turmoil, the scapegoat will often become extremely resilient and fiercely independent.  

Image by cottonbro studio

But they also learn to suffer alone, because they fear that nobody will believe them,

being denied or attacked by others for expressing their truth can further traumatize their experiences.

Sadly, some family members may see the truth of the situation but can be afraid to speak up or get involved,

because they have their own fear of repercussions if they do decide to challenge the narcissists.

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