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The truth teller

The truth teller whether they are a child or an adult automatically becomes a target for being scapegoated by the narcissists.

Narcissists do not like being called out on their lies or their behaviors.

The truth teller is an automatic threat because they often voice what they see.

Image by Gül Işık

And will innocently call out the narcissist simply for wanting to understand the situation if it does not make sense to them.

The truth teller is just like the child who calls out the emperor for not wearing any clothes in the popular story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.

They become prime targets for flying monkeys, always being gaslight to believe that they are the problem.

Truth tellers often learn to protect themselves by keeping their reality, their beliefs and their emotions to themselves.

Image by Elvis Mkera

From the outside world, they can appear quiet and observant to their surroundings

Even through the truth teller’s body language, eye contact and mere presence, they can become an instant threat to a narcissist.

I experienced this in my childhood, having to grow up this way always left me with permanent feelings of confusion, anxiety, and loneliness.

I felt that no one understood me, nobody liked me, and I could never understand why everyone was so afraid of the truth.

It seemed like no one cared about the truth in many situations, and I felt disconnected to everyone around me.

Image by Polina Zimmerman

When the truth teller grows up, they often become free spirited, self reliant

and will likely be the ones that call out people in their other surroundings such as in their social circles or their workplace.

Receiving all the blame

The scapegoat will receive the blame for just about anything that goes wrong within the family dynamic.

They may be blamed for things from the parent’s behaviors, the consequences of the parent’s behaviors,

the family’s mishaps and even even just life’s bad lucks.

The narcissistic parent or parents need someone to use as a distraction from their failure of them having to be a parent.

They prefer to project their shame and blame onto the scapegoat simply for having needs as a child.

The parent does not want the responsibility of tending to the child’s psychological and emotional needs, or simply any of the child’s wellbeing.

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