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Superiority and punishment

Narcissist have a major superiority complex, or simply to put it, a ‘God complex’.

They need to look and feel above everyone, and even above the law.

Triangulation can be a manipulation tactic used to meet this need of theirs.

The narcissists seek constant validation and blind loyalty from others.

They will lie to convince others that they are the nicest, the most loyal, the most honest,

the most successful, or pretty much anything better than anyone else.

Image by Brett Sayles

Being in competition with those around them becomes a part of their everyday life.

And so, everyone can become a threat to the narcissist’s ego simply for being themselves around them.

Therefore, in the narcissist’s mind, everyone must be brought down to appear less than.

And if you don’t conform with this narrative of theirs, then triangulation can be used as a form of punishment.

They will attempt to make your life miserable simply for not going along with their lies and false narratives.  

Because if they can’t control you to be beneath them, then they will control how others see you to make you appear beneath them.

All this really does sound unreasonable and delusional, but that’s because it is.


Another triangulation technique the narcissist uses is to exclude you from situations.

They could exclude you out of conversations, inside jokes or deliberately withhold information from you.

The narcissist may also exclude you from invitations, activities, or events.

Anything to make you feel like you are not good enough to exist in their world.

They will also make comments that are directly aimed at your insecurities,

this is often done so passively that no one else will recognize the hidden attacks but you.

And if you were to bring it up to others, others will simply see you as being sensitive or dramatic.

Image by KoolShooters

It can make you feel lonely, abandoned, or rejected, like you don’t belong.

Always know that, you are good enough, and it is them that is not good enough to exist in your world.

Do not feel the need to have to include them in anything you do when they treat you in this way.

And please, don’t ever feel the need to have to prove yourself to be included in their warped reality.

It can feel horrible to be treated in this way, especially when no one is on your side.

But know that you never deserved it, and you will always be good enough in someone else’s genuine reality.

You do not belong in someone else’s delusional and insecure world.

Choose to ignore it and walk away.

They want others to hate you

Narcissists can have many reasons to hate you, and if they hate you, then they want everyone around them to hate you too.

Power in numbers is their game, just like a true bully.

It makes them feel powerful to bring you down, so they can feel superior in your presence,

and in control of all those in their environment.

One of the main reasons they hate others is because they let their envy consume them.

They may be jealous for the way you look, jealous of your popularity, or that you are successful in whatever you do.

They could be jealous of the car you drive, the people you know,

and they are especially jealous of your joy and authenticity because they don’t have these things within themselves.

Image by cottonbro studio

Narcissists are constantly comparing themselves to others, and so they can get jealous over anything they do not possess.

And if they wish to possess it, you may find them copying you and trying to compete with you in all that you say and do.

It is in their nature to try and ‘one up’ you or others, every opportunity they get.

Narcissists will especially hate you if you threaten to expose their false mask, they can feel a deep sense of vengeance.

This can cause them to narcissistically rage; it is their way of avoiding feelings of guilt and shame and projecting that blame onto their victims.

They can simply hate anybody that does not play along with their false narratives, anybody that stirs up their insecurities.

And triangulation becomes a way of ‘dividing and conquering’ their opponents in their delusional mind games.

Life and relationships are played like a game of chess to them.

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